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Rental of equipment and the removal of waste products

Rental of equipment for the collection of waste products 

For efficient separate collection of waste, we offer business partners the rental of containers customised for the collection of each type of waste. In order to reduce the volume of waste, we offer a broad selection of presses and balers for rent or sale. We do our best to adapt the selection of appropriate equipment and method of waste product collection to the needs and requirements of each business partner.

Removal of waste products and own delivery 

Interzero offers an online app where you can easily order the removal of waste material or announce your own delivery.

We can dispose of waste from locations across the whole of Slovenia, i.e. waste generated throughout the manufacturing process, from the production of raw materials, treatment, processing and handling to the transport of the finished product to distributors or dealers.

For all wastes delivered via Interzero’s system, you will receive a record sheet confirming the delivery or reception of waste.

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Danica Novak

Purchase department
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