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On-site services

Rental of equipment and removal

For efficient separate collection of waste, we offer our business partners the rental of containers customised for the collection of each type of waste. We also offer an online app where you can easily order the removal of waste material or announce your own delivery.

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Management of special wastes

Interzero also offers the management of wastes not included in the four basic schemes – packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and waste grave candles.

Special wastes are wastes where special rules of management apply, i.e. the collection and subsequent management of these wastes can only be done by companies with the proper permits. Interzero works with an extended network of service providers which have all the necessary permits and provides solutions for all types of waste on locations throughout Slovenia.

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On-site optimisation – RSI

We offer a comprehensive optimisation of the management of waste products created at your company’s location. Under your guidance, our professionally qualified colleagues survey your work processes, location and existing waste management solutions in place in your company.

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