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Incorporation into a common waste management scheme

We manage the extended producer responsibility in waste management systems, and ensure that our customers comply with the legal obligations related to the management of waste products while maintaining orderly records. As part of the international concern ALBA Group, Interzero has many years of experience in managing raw materials, as well as a strong know-how on resource management in manufacturing and waste recycling.

Interzero has the required permits and plans for its operation  

We also hold an Environmental Protection License issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia. Interzero has been registered at the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the management of waste packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and waste graveyard candles.

Interzero’s waste management schemes

Being part of Interzero’s waste management scheme allows you to meet the extended producer responsibility in the context of waste packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators, and waste graveyard candles.

We provide comprehensive services that include collection, disposal, conditioning and processing of waste. Among other things, we also advise you on how to reduce the amount of waste and increase its value, which leads to reducing costs and generating savings.

Managing waste packaging

Do you manufacture or import products the packaging of which ends up as waste in households and businesses? In this case, Interzero waste management system allows you to comply with all legal obligations that govern the managing of waste packaging. By transferring the obligation of managing waste packaging to Interzero, the extent of your work and your concern related to waste packaging is reduced.

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Managing waste electrical and electronic equipment

Interzero provides tailor-made solutions for managing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). You can benefit significantly from our comprehensive and systemic solutions. Transferring your legal obligations to a specialised company will save you both time and money.

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Managing waste batteries and accumulators

Interzero has set up a system for collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) in Slovenia. By joining the common plan for WBA management, the liable persons may transfer the fulfilment of all obligations to Interzero.

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Managing waste graveyard candles

At Interzero, we provide an environmentally friendly and comprehensive process of managing waste graveyard candles (WGCs) in Slovenia. We have established a common scheme for WGC management that includes all liable persons (producers and acquirers of graveyard candles).

By entering the common waste management scheme, you transfer the implementation of all prescribed obligations to Interzero.

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