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The acceptance of responsibilities

Waste management covers a wide spectrum of responsibility in a company and requires much of our clients’ time which would otherwise be devoted to their primary activities. Despite the advantages sustainable waste management brings, many companies see this area as an additional obligation and take the path of least resistance.

Trust us with your obligations

The Interzero Company is aware of the concern and inconvenience that waste causes to companies, but the environment takes priority and each and every company can contribute immensely to its well-being. We strive to relieve our clients’ burden of managing waste, therefore we offer to help and take over certain environmental obligations.

We offer complete control over the implementation of any legal obligations, i.e. outsourcing. In this way our clients are able to focus solely on their work.

We also provide individual services, such as creating a waste management plan and writing an annual report on the generated waste. We write a report on waste products on your behalf. We can also write a report on the waste products and forward it to FURS as well as pay the environmental taxes on your behalf. This enables you to avoid the regular annual, biannual and quarterly obligations. As is required by environmental law, we also inform and raise your customers’ and employees’ awareness.

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