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Education sessions

In order to share our knowledge with you and help you optimise your waste management costs, we provide education sessions for a comprehensive presentation of the legal obligations in the field of waste products that are covered by Interzero.  

Our offer

Seminars We conduct professional seminars for companies with a waste management obligation at Interzero’s headquarters once per month. The topics are adapted according to new developments in waste management, possible legislative amendments and seminar attendees. Webinars A webinar is a great tool for education in the office. Attending a webinar takes only as much time as the length of the webinar, without any extra trips, parking or lost time. A webinar does not only mean transmitting and receiving information; active participation is also possible. Individual education sessions Interzero offers individual education sessions adapted to the principal activity of the individual company. The sessions take place at our location or at the company’s location. At the client’s request, different topics can be prepared for different employees at the company. The implementation is completely adapted to the client.


Waste products covered by our education sessions include: packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators, waste grave candles and other waste products.

PonWe have expanded and enriched the content of our professional seminars, so we invite you to join us at one of the monthly seminars where we will present the following topics in more detail:

Within a company, having knowledge of expert interpretations of waste product management legislation can contribute to:

  • More rational business decisions

  • Improved understanding of obligations

  • Decreased possibility of minor offences

  • Optimisation of waste management costs

Available dates and application

We will keep you informed about the available dates by email, but you can also find out about them in our latest published news. If you want to be regularly informed about seminars and other new developments in the field of waste product management, you can always contact our contact person or use the contact form

If a topic you are interested in is not going to be covered in the near future, we can do it at your request individually in our offices or at your company.

You are cordially invited!