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Waste management covers a wide spectrum in a company and requires an in-depth knowledge of the environmental legislation. It is necessary to understand the circuit of waste in your own organization as well as outside of it. What are your obligations when a product you place on the market becomes waste? What are the commitments under the national legislation? And in the case of exporting?

Interzero employs experts from all these fields. The knowledge and understanding of the environmental legislation are the foundation of our work, and together with a personal and responsible attitude we strive to minimize the environmental burden.

As a part of the Interzero International Group, one of the leading European providers of organizational solutions for waste product management, and as a part of the ALBA Group corporation, which owns companies in Europe, the USA and Asia, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience our colleagues collect worldwide on a daily basis.

We are always available and pleased to answer all of your questions regarding waste or the environment in general. Together we can find a solution to every problem, even if it seems impossible.

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