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From the recycling bin to the DIY store

Sustainable product portfolio: toom Baumarkt GmbH offers its paints and varnishes in Procyclen containers


"When buying ‘toom’ products, our customers need to be able to count on our quality promise – and that goes for our packaging, too. The new recycled container packages protect ‘toom’ coatings perfectly while also meeting our high standards for preserving resources and the environment. We are proud to have accompanied the manufacturing process for this recycled packaging from the beginning. "

Hans-Joachim Kleinwächter Geschäftsführer Category Management toom Baumarkt

In its mission to establish a sustainable product portfolio, toom Baumarkt GmbH is also using packaging made from materials such as Procyclen, the award-winning recycled plastic produced by Interzero. While Procyclen meets the same quality standards, its production saves significantly on energy and greenhouse gas emissions compared to manufacturing new plastic. 

Taking responsibility for sustainable business is a key strategic principle for toom Baumarkt GmbH, a member of the REWE Group. Toom has had a policy of stocking environmentally friendly products for many years now and is constantly expanding the range of sustainable products offered to consumers. One recent project involved sourcing alternative solutions for plastic packaging – where Interzero was identified as the perfect partner.

Recycled plastic as good as new

For a long time, quality losses in recycled plastic placed a technical limit on its overall lifecycle. With its Recycled-Resource process, however, Interzero has now closed the loop for plastic products: with the launch of Procyclen, the market finally had access to a recycled plastic whose quality and other features were the equal of any new material. 

Toom was one of the first companies to realise the potential of this recycled plastic: in 2011, the DIY chain introduced the toom-branded emulsion paint, packaged in containers made from Procyclen. Today, other products such as varnishes and insulating primers are now also offered in packaging containing up to 100 per cent recycled material from Interzero.

Procyclen: always available, always made to measure

Interzero makes its resource-friendly material from used plastic packaging sourced from industrial producers and “yellow bin” waste collected by the German dual system. The plastic waste is first shredded, washed and processed. The plastic pellets are then melted and fed into an injection moulding machine. The final product is a low-density, high-strength plastic container.

Raw materials from domestic-quality waste collection are always available and the recycled plastic packaging can also be recycled itself. Using Procyclen to make buckets and tins for paint and varnish cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% compared to conventional polypropylene – an important part of toom Baumarkt’s sustainable product strategy.

Disposable packaging: a mother lode of raw materials

Interzero’s Recycled-Resource strategy will ultimately lead to a situation where the plastic industry can become largely independent of primary raw materials. Some of the conditions for this have already been met: disposable packaging can now be returned to the start of the production chain without any loss of quality. And whether customers need coloured packaging, bottle crates or parts for the automotive industry, bottle crates or parts for the automotive industry, the special process developed by Interzero makes it possible to meet any requirement, no matter how specific. A step on the way to a society in which plastic is “mined” only from the resources in domestic recycling depots – and progress towards a waste-free future.