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No-fuss packaging volume registration

Interzero’s online shop “Lizenzero” provides a range of useful services to help small businesses and online merchants register their packaging volumes correctly. The company pick-a-pea was one of the first users of the new shop.

The new Packaging Act assigns greater product responsibility to merchants and manufacturers. Anyone whose business involves placing packaging on the market must register this packaging with a dual system. Just like the organic food company pick-a-pea Bio Food.

Enabling efficient recycling

Pick-a-pea has set itself the goal of offering high-quality organic food to Germany’s supermarkets and caterers. The company frequently resorts to plastic packaging to retain the flavour and freshness of its products. At the same time, pick-a-pea wants its packaging to be recycled properly and efficiently once it has been used. This, in turn, requires registration with a dual system.

"By law, we must pay a licence fee to ensure the proper collection and disposal of our packaging. Inteseroh’s online shop offers us the help we needed here: It gives a clear overview of the packaging details required and how the volumes are calculated."

Anja Rausch Business Development Manager pick-a-pea Bio Food

Help with calculations

The Lizenzero online shop  features a calculation tool that gives companies an easy way to work out the packaging volumes they place on the market: Once the number of items per packaging type has been entered, the total weight per material is calculated. The fees we charge are based on this figure. Interzero also handles all of the take-back, sorting and recycling processes for the materials.