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kilenda – a sharing economy for children’s clothes

The useful life of children’s clothes, baby carriers and maternity wear is very short. Together with cooperation partner Tchibo, kilenda now offers an alternative – a rental service for kids’ clothes. 

Every year, people in Germany throw out over a million tonnes of textiles. Trousers, t-shirts and shoes end up in collection bins or even in household rubbish. Children’s clothes in particular are typically not needed for very long – kids grow out of them fast. Kilenda, a brand owned by Interzero subsidiary Relenda, is helping to remedy this problem by giving products a longer life as part of its sustainable, online ‘rent to wear’ service. The start-up rents out high-quality children’s clothes, maternity wear, baby carriers and complete outfits for children aged three and under – all produced using sustainable manufacturing. The sharing economy approach extends the lifetime of the individual products – meaning that fewer new items of clothing need to be produced.

"Our goal is to bring about a change in awareness in relation to clothing. Instead of buying clothes, we want people to focus on using them, valuing them and conserving the resources used to make them. "

Hendrik Scheuschner Founder Kilenda

Cooperation for conservation

Kilenda has now secured the Hamburg-based family-run business Tchibo as a major strategic partner. Since January 2018, kilenda and Tchibo have partnered in the ‘Tchibo Share’ online platform. Kilenda founder Hendrik Scheuschner: “Tchibo saw the attractiveness of the sharing economy model as a huge plus for its customers and the environment. After discussing a number of options for working together, Tchibo decided to offer part of its children’s clothing range for rental. Our joint platform also helps us to attract new customers for our business model.”