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Blauer Engel for Procyclen containers

Know-how from Interzero is used by keeeper GmbH for the development of its ECO-Line range of household products

"Our ECO-Line range of household goods are products for tomorrow’s market that meet the exacting requirements of the environmentally conscious consumer. Here, we have made full use of the know-how provided by Interzero’s recycling experts. By using the next-generation Procyclen material, we can offer a high-quality recycled product that also satisfies the criteria for the 'der blaue Engel' eco label. "

Mike Carlos Wolf CEO keeeper GmbH

Previously, recycled plastic was not a real alternative to primary resources based on petroleum. Thanks to Interzero’s innovative plastic pellets, however, high-quality upcycling is now possible – as shown by household products from keeeper GmbH.

keeeper GmbH (formerly OKT Group) is one of the three largest suppliers of plastic domestic goods in Europe. To meet strong consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, the company is now planning a line of household goods made entirely from recycled materials. 

The challenge is to make laundry baskets, stacking crates and buckets that are as stable and good-looking as similar products made from conventional primary resources. To do so, the company is using expertise from Interzero. Product developers at keeeper were impressed by every aspect of the Recycled-Resource process from Interzero, as well as the Recythen and Procyclen granulate that it produces.

A stamp of approval for resource conservation

ECO-Line products have been on the market since 2015. Manufactured from Procyclen, the household crates and containers are every bit as good as products made from primary materials but make huge savings on greenhouse gases. “We use the very latest generation of Procyclen for keeeper’s ECO-Line,” explains Marc Swatosch, Head of Recycled-Resource. Production now requires just one process step instead of two. 

Compared to primary production, this means Interzero again achieves significant greenhouse gas savings of as much as 50 percent overall. The shortened process also reduces the amount of energy consumed. In June 2015, the ECO-Line range was certified to use the “blauer Engel” eco label. This prestigious mark is awarded by an expert jury to products and services that are more environmentally friendly than market competitors.

Procyclen and Recythen help turn a vision into reality

Products manufactured using Recythen and Procyclen are becoming increasingly diverse. Reinforcing the material with glass fibre or other mineral fillers continues to improve the products’ mechanical properties, and flame-retardant variants are already available. In September 2016, Interzero opened its own Competence Centre for Recycled Plastics in Maribor, Slovenia, which will be used to refine the technology and tailor it even more precisely to customer requirements. Marc Swatosch is convinced: “With every new product made from our recycled granulates, it’s becoming increasingly clear that making plastic products from 100 per cent recycled plastics is not a fantasy, but reality.”