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Corporate information

Comprehensive services in waste product management 

Interzero is a company specialised in waste product management. We organise collection, transport, preparation and processing of waste products from client locations or from their end buyers. We ensure that our clients fulfil their legal obligations in waste management. Interzero regularly organises seminars and webinars for its business partners. The company also provides advice on legal and other obligations that need to be taken into account in waste packaging management.

More than just waste product management 

Based on Interzero’s system solutions and services, it is possible to reuse waste materials as input raw materials in many industrial activities. As part of a large international concern, Interzero is connected with domestic and foreign contractors engaged in collection, transport, preparation and processing of waste products. With a personal approach and expert advice for business partners, we provide optimal solutions in the process of waste management optimisation and other related fields. At the same time, we also offer the purchase or lease of equipment for waste product management. 

Interzero has appropriate licenses and plans for its operation 

Interzero has a license for its operation from the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia. Interzero’s plans for waste packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries, waste medicines and waste grave candles have been registered at the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

Company presentation

INTERSEROH, družba za ravnanje z odpadnimi surovinami, d.o.o. is sustainability-oriented and has the only independently audited scheme in Slovenia with research and development capacities. We provide system solutions, high-quality training and advice in all fields of waste product management to clients.

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Mission and vision

Based on our expertise and knowledge and innovative and creative thinking, we introduce cost-effective and reliable solutions for waste product and waste management. This reduces environmental pollution and preserves primary natural resources. We strive towards handling natural resources according to the principles of sustainable development. We are changing the way of thinking of all those involved in environmental management processes in Slovenia. With innovation and searching for optimal solutions, we always find a waste management method that is the most economically, environmentally and socially acceptable. This allows our clients to devote more time to their core activities, because they no longer have to worry about waste management for their waste products. We raise awareness of the importance of responsible waste product management for all participants in the process. We generate positive changes and achieve only positive results.

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Social and environmental responsibility

By implementing its mission, Interzero and its employees confirm their social and environmental responsibility every day.

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